Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dolly Wink Lower Lashes baby cute

No intention to brag, but I do have quite long lower lashes naturally, so when I saw the Dolly Wink false lashes I wasn't quite intrigued. But since my brother offered to buy it for me (for free off course) I picked the false lash number 6 in baby cute. It costs about US$20 for 2 sets of false lashes and a glue. The band is clear and supposed to be invisible, but when i put it on, it's looking too obvious no matter how much black eye liner I put to disguise it. Surprisingly, the lashes was really easy to apply even though it's an individual lashes... As long as you keep a good distance from people so they can't see the lashes's band :p, it' s a very pretty lashes and does make your eyes pop.

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