Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warm Smokey

You can never go wrong with browns. I wore this make up to my friends's wedding. I think it's quite refreshing and not too much for a day event

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait in Orgueil

It's Guerlain, it's matte, and it's berry! It can't get any better than that! We all know Guerlain has one of the best, if not the best, lipstick formulations in the world. So when I heard they're going to launched a matte liquid version of the Rouge G, I knew I have to get my hands on it! So I got my self this beautiful Rouge G L'Extrait in Orgueil. It's a deep red berry color that has a bit of blue undertone. Like all blue-based reds, this one makes your lips pop and somehow makes your whole complexion appears brighter. Even though it's matte, it didn't drying what so ever! I wore it for 8 hours without fading. And after I removed it, magically my lips felt so moisturized and looking healthier. I freakin love this lipstick! Worth every penny I spent on it. Plus the packaging is luxurious and elegant. This would make a great birthday present!

Dolly Wink Lower Lashes baby cute

No intention to brag, but I do have quite long lower lashes naturally, so when I saw the Dolly Wink false lashes I wasn't quite intrigued. But since my brother offered to buy it for me (for free off course) I picked the false lash number 6 in baby cute. It costs about US$20 for 2 sets of false lashes and a glue. The band is clear and supposed to be invisible, but when i put it on, it's looking too obvious no matter how much black eye liner I put to disguise it. Surprisingly, the lashes was really easy to apply even though it's an individual lashes... As long as you keep a good distance from people so they can't see the lashes's band :p, it' s a very pretty lashes and does make your eyes pop.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A photographer friend of mine, rizki walker (@qiwalker), ask me to be his model and off course I excitedly agreed because I know he takes great pictures and I'm just lucky that I happen to be his friend (free photoshoot :p).
Since I'm not a professional model, do forgive my lack of cheekbones and fierceness...

Mighty Mouth T-shirt, Zara Cardigan, Zara Coat, Giordano Jeans, Collin Stuart Wedges

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Half Blonde

So I've been wanting to dye my hair blonde since 3 years ago, but never really had the courage. Last month I finally decided to just go for it. Not exactly blonde, but hal-blonde aka. Ombre, and I just love the results :*

Supposed To Be The Day Of My Freedom

Then it was my graduation day. No hurray, no yippie, no banzai coming out from me. It was really... ordinary. I guess that's because intern-hell-ship is already waiting for me to get on board and I'm definitely not excited about [it]... But anyway, i decided to do my own makeup again. Partly because I don't think there is any makeup artist in my hometown that can satisfy me. They're just OK, and some, are plain HORRIFYING. I can't even smile without having to worry that my 1-inch-thick makeup will crack. But, mainly, I did it myself because we planned to leave at 5am in the morning, and I definitely wasn't felling like sitting in a salon at 3 am in the morning. It was a very simple makeup, obviously since I was doing it on the go (yes, while my dad is driving). I only took one eyeshadow quad with me and worked with it. That's actually a tip for you who ain't got plenty time in your hands and need to do your makeup on the go: Bring your absolute favorite palette. Here's some pictures, hope you have a wondrous day :D


Friday, August 10, 2012

Sarjana Kedokteran

Which basically means "Medical Degree" !! Yes yes, i already got my medical degree last March, but the hard work has not yet ended. I haven't got any time nor inspiration to create blog posts since 2010. But hopefully I'll make time in the future, since I plan to revive this blog. HOHO

So for the ceremony, I did my own makeup as well as the hair do. What's so stupid is that I forgot to take a picture of myself before the sweat ruined everything, but I'll post the pictures anyway and in case you want to see how it's done, you can leave a comment, and maybe I'll create a video tutorial as well. Bye for now, hope y'all have a wondrous day :*

Products I used:
Benefit Porefessional
Makeup Forever HD Foundation No.120
Bobbi Brown Face Powder No.5
YSL Touche Eclat No.2 
Urban Decay primer potion
Mac eyeshadow: Beautiful Iris, Fig.1, Star Violet
Mac Pigment: Violet
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow: Dark Rinse (limited edition)
Too Faced eyeshadow: Cut The Cake
Mac fluidline: Blacktrack
Covergirl Kohl liner in Black
Loreal eyebrow powder
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Ardell eyelashes: Daisy
Makeup Forever Lipstick No.218
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss: Petal